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Do’s and Dont’s of StumbleUpon

As bloggers, we are always looking for tools to help boost our numbers.   Many have been using Twitter, Facebook, and the latest and greatest Pinterest, but what about StumbleUpon?

I have asked a friend of mine and fellow blogger Lena Burkut from Way 2 Good Life to give us some do’s and don’ts when it comes to StumbleUpon (SU).

So you want to get up close and personal with Stumble Upon?  Do you think it’s confusing?  Spend some time to understand how it works and it might become a great source of traffic for you, but you have to play by the rules.

SU traffic is so inconsistent – you might get a bucket full of traffic today and 3 visits tomorrow. Find the categories you like – SU will send you articles from the categories you picked, so make sure you are actually interested in these stories. 

Be generous with thumb ups. If you like the article – click the button.Be consistent – thumb up your own post and the posts of others. As a matter effect, spend some time exploring other sites through…